Reefus Moons is a one-man band/ singer-songwriter originally from London. Having moved through Cornwall and Scotland and the Ghost-infested, gothic village-that-thinks-it’s-a-City of York, he landed high in the clouds on the North Yorkshire Moors.
He's often compared to Syd Barrett of the early Pink Floyd and Robyn Hitchcock. 
His musical life began in the 80’s with albums such as ‘The art of slow travelling’, ‘Moondust’ and ‘World in a droplet’.
He later went on to create the rare and hard to find LP: ‘Reach for the Sundial and kiss for the hits’ on his own label Insect Eye Records followed by ‘The Word raven’, an album held in such high esteem by the radio broadcaster Mark Radcliffe he had to stand on a chair.
Two solo CD’s followed: ‘Uptight Sound From The Message Tree’ (1993) and ‘Roar’ (1995) including songs such as: ‘Mystic Man’, ‘Acid House Sergeant’, ‘The Skyscraper Song’, ‘Solar Face’ and ‘I Like Myself and I Want To Fly’.
The next venture was a collaboration with the Suicidal Flowers and members of Gods Little Monkeys and Mostly Autumn with the CD ‘Marmalade Sun’ (2000) on Delerium Records recreating older classics such as ‘Love Bomb’ and ‘Groovin With The Vicar’ and new ones such as ‘Trojan Horses’ and ‘Dinosaurs Toe’.
After a long sleep the next album was released in 2006; the summery sound of 'Waiting for my Albatross'. 
Reefus Moons is currently working on a new album:the ambient, acoustic, pastoral world of 'The light of the Moon'.
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